Third Source Funding


Goal: To raise our required third source funding goal with equitable participation by all school families. (K-8). The progress to the goal will be sent home via the Brown envelope At different times of the year. If during the year, it looks like we may come up short, additional fundraiser(s) will be explored.

Assumptions: 250 families for school year

To achieve our goal, the St. Bernard Site PACE committee will “tag” these fundraisers as 3rd Source fundraisers, with the profits from these fundraisers going toward our $103,000 goal for 20-21 school year.


UNDER CONSTRUCTION – These numbers and activities are in the process of being updated for the 20-21 school year.

The current fundraisers are:

  • Scrip GOAL as a school = $25,000 p/year in revenue
  • Magazine sale = $10,000
  • School Auction for Education $30,000
  • Packer Seat Rentals, etc. = $38,000

Profit goals per family: Scrip will remain mandatory, with a $275 profit goal (50/50 profit split will remain). By taking out $25,000 from Scrip the remaining goal is $65,000. There is a mandatory third source funding goal of $285 profit per family.

Families will have various options for attaining the third source funding goal. They are:

  1. Buy out: Families will have the option of electing to add $285 to their tuition. They can also buy out their Scrip requirement ($140.00). By taking this option, families do not need to participate in the 3rd Source fundraisers.
  2. Fundraiser participation: Families will be required to participate in the SAC fundraisers by selling a minimum amount for each fundraiser. A family could, if they chose, meet their third source funding obligation by doing the maximum on a specific fundraiser. They would then not need to participate in the other fundraisers.

*Each person working a Packer game will be credited $40 per game. If two members of a family work one day a $80 credit would be earned.

** Auctions items going towards the family goal included part of the admission tickets and the silent and live auction items – 50% going to the family donating and 50% going to the purchasing family.

Please contact Kris Hess in the main office with any additional questions on the 3rd source funding.