SCRIP Requirement

  • You will receive notices during the year letting you know what your total earned profit is.
  • Earned credit will be paid twice a year to GRACE. Tuition credits typically appear on your February and September Tuition bills.

Quick Scrip is Scrip we keep on hand for immediate sale. Please remember this needs to last the week for everyone so if you need a larger quantity, 5 or more cards of a single vendor, please only buy what you need and special order the rest.
Scrip is for sale outside the library from 8-9 in the morning and 3-4 in the afternoon. The school office does NOT sell Scrip. The Parish Office will sell a limited number of vendors from 9-3 Thursday and 9-11:30 on Fridays. Forms must be filled out completely in order to receive credit! We will receive your forms from the Parish Office so you receive proper credit.

Special orders may be turned into the office at any time but only those received Monday morning at 9:00 will be placed that week. Anything turned in after 9am will be ordered the following week. Special orders can be sent home with your child or picked up on Wednesday afternoons. If there is no school on a Monday, Tuesday becomes the order day with pickup available on Thursday. Sometimes inclement weather prevents us from receiving our special order and we then send home on Thursday.

Once your Scrip is delivered to your child, it is out of our hands and becomes your responsibility. If you are concerned about your child safely bringing your Scrip home, please consider picking up in school office. Please remember Scrip is like cash and if misplaced, it is gone. This is a big responsibility for a child.