Order Scrip Online

Why set up an online account?

You can manage your account through your Dashboard, which you can access by clicking the ‘Dashboard’ link at the top of any page. From here, you can check your account activity, change your profile and password, and read coordinator announcements. You can also run your own order and rebate history reports and view or print any eGift cards that you’ve previously ordered. 

For an introductory video, see St. Bernard Scrip – Getting started (5 minutes)

For advanced features Advanced Features Including Egift cards and Reloads (10 min) 

For information on the mobile app RaiseRight mobile app (5 minutes) 


Setting up an account

  1. Send an email to scrip@stbernardcong.org and include your name
  2. Indicate the email you want to use to order scrip. Your email address will automatically become your username.
  3. Once your email is entered into our system you will receive two emails from ShopwithScrip with instructions for setting up your account and password.
  4. Once logged in, go to “payment types” on the dashboard to complete your online payment registration. 

Online Payments

Link your bank account to conveniently pay for orders.  For a small $0.15 convenience fee per order, you’ll receive eGift cards and reloadable funds immediately. Plus, you won’t have to drop off any checks. 

To enroll: log in to your ShopWithScrip account and follow these steps: 

  • Click on the Payment Types link under Family Functions on your Dashboard
  • Choose whether you want to instantly link your bank account or manually enter your banking information and follow the steps for each. 
  • When manually entering your information, ShopwithScrip will add two small deposits (ex: $0.52) to your account, which you’ll need to verify, and then create your PIN. Depending on your bank, this process will take 1 to 2 days to complete.

Pay with your credit card

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted. You can choose to save the card to your account for future purchases. Please be aware that there is a 2.6% fee on each credit card transaction.

Click here for Information on online payments


RaiseRight is ShopWithScrip’s mobile app that allows you to shop gift cards right from your phone. You can narrow your search with categories that fit your everyday shopping. You can easily browse brands offering bonus earnings and add brands you love to your Favorites for faster shopping. You are able to manage your gift cards in one place: your Wallet right on your phone.

Download the RaiseRight Fundraising app from Google Play or the App Store.


When ordering Shell and KwikTrip online please select the Local option unless you wish to reload the card or use the Shell card outside of Wisconsin or the UP. 

The local option is printed with LOCAL in the name and no company logo.  Local scrip receives a higher rebate – KwikTrip is 5% instead of 4% and Shell is 10% instead of 1.5%.

Shell Local can be used at any Shell station in Wisconsin and the UP.  For use outside of WI and UP you should special order the national Shell scrip that offers a 1.5% rebate.


Order History Reports

Keep track of your orders and rebates earned on your account.  The reports show earnings generated by your account.  Transfers from others do not show in your account until the distributions date but will show in their accounts.  The reports show all purchases including those not placed online. 

View the video Tracking your Rebates and Order History (4 minutes) 

Manage Your Gift Cards

All eGift cards and registered reloadable cards are stored on the RaiseRight mobile app and on ShopWithScrip.com.

On ShopWithScrip.com

Go to Dashboard > Family Functions > Wallet from your dashboard to see your eGift cards and information on registered reloadable cards.

Your eGift cards are divided into three categories on the eGift card tab:

  • Unclaimed eGift Cards: eGift cards you’ve ordered but haven’t viewed yet.
  • Viewed eGift Cards: eGift cards you’ve ordered and viewed. If you don’t use the full value at one time, click the amount listed under ‘Balance’ to get the balance or enter the balance.

Tip: When the card is fully used, click ‘Hide’ to remove the eGift card from view.

  • Delivered eGift Cards: This is where you can see all the eGifts you’ve sent. The recipient is listed with their email address, along with your chosen delivery date and delivery confirmation.

From the Reload tab you can register a new card or manage the list of registered cards. Click a card’s name to view the card’s number, enter or retrieve its balance, change the name, or reload it.

On The RaiseRight Mobile App

Head to your Wallet to manage your eGift cards and reloadable gift cards.

  • Track the balance of your eGift cards and reloadable cards
  • View and use your eGift cards, even when you’re offline
  • Organize and quickly find the ones you use most
  • Archive eGift cards with a $0.00 balance
  • Register new reloadable cards and add money to them


Use the reminder feature to receive an email when you want to submit your order to make sure you have gift cards when you need it. Better yet, create shopping lists for regular weekly and monthly orders, and schedule reminders so you can easily add the items to your cart and be on your way. Have you registered a reloadable gift card? Set reminders for those as well.