Scrip is a fundraising program sponsored by SAC (Site Advisory Council). It’s fundraising while you shop, and you won’t have to sell anything. Scrip fundraising gift cards are the same gift cards you would normally purchase from a retailer in your local retail stores, and they work the same way. With over 500 of the country’s biggest brands, we have something to appeal to every family. You’ll find cards you can use at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, home improvement stores, and almost any business that accepts gift cards. Virtually anywhere you shop will accept some form of Scrip.


Using Scrip couldn’t be easier. Families purchase gift cards for places where they plan to shop, and use those cards instead of cash or credit. St. Bernard buys those gift cards at a discount. We sell them to you for full face value and you redeem the cards for full face value. The school keeps the difference as a rebate, earning a percentage of every dollar spent using the Scrip gift cards. This percentage is split 50/50 between the school and the family*. As an added benefit, many Scrip users find that they become smarter shoppers by using the gift cards and planning ahead for every purchase.

*50/50 split occurs once profit goal is met. See “It Adds up Fast” below.


You can purchase QuickSCRIP, which are the Scrip vendors we keep on hand every day. QuickSCRIP is sold every day at school from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. outside the school library. It is also sold before and after all the weekend Masses at church. You may also send a QuickSCRIP form along with a check made out to ”St. Bernard Scrip” to school with your child. Your child will turn it in to the teacher who will forward it to the office. We will fill the order and send it back home with your child that same school day.

Note: SCRIP is sold at the Parish office from 8-4 Monday-Friday.

For large orders or to order those vendors we do not carry in QuickSCRIP, you can place an order using the Special Order form or online at Orders are placed every Monday with delivery by Wednesday, except during Christmas break and spring break. If a particular Monday is a holiday, then orders are placed on Tuesday with delivery by Thursday. Orders must be turned in by 9:00 a.m. on Monday (or if a holiday, Tuesday) in order to meet the Wednesday (or Thursday) delivery. Special orders placed after 9:00 a.m. on Monday will be placed the following week.

If you place an online order, you must pay with Presto-Pay or have a check to the school by 9:00 on the day of ordering.

Special orders can be marked to be sent home with your child, picked up in the office or picked up at Mass on the weekend.


St. Bernard requires each family to purchase enough Scrip to generate $140 in profit. You have 12 months to meet this goal. Tuition credits are paid out twice a year–once in January for credits earned from June 1 through December 31 of that school year and once again in July for credits earned through May 31. However, in order to receive a credit in the spring, you must have met the $140 profit goal by December 31.

You don’t have to stop at the $140 profit goal! The more Scrip you purchase the more credits you earn. Remember, family members can purchase on your behalf. They can order through you or purchase directly and designate the credit to your family.

How do I get there?

You have from June 1 of this year until May 31 of next year to meet this goal. By simply planning ahead on everyday purchases like groceries, gas, restaurants, clothes, entertainment and home repair, the average family can earn at least $11 a week. That modest number adds up quickly – over $500 a year for an average family is not unusual.

One example of how you can reach the $140 profit goal would be to purchase $150 in Grand Central Station (Shell) each month for 12 months. Grand Central Station has a contribution of 10%.

$150 of Grand Central Station for 12 months is $1800.

10% of $1800 is $180.

Thus, your total profit would be $180. You would then receive $40 in tuition credits ($180-$140 profit goal=$40).

This example didn’t even include other stores you may shop such as Copps, Festival Foods, Shopko, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, etc. Nor does it include any gift cards you may purchase as gifts. There are many, many ways you can reach the $140 profit goal.

Note: Kohl’s and Macy’s Scrip cards can be used to pay their credit card bills. These are the only accounts that allow Scrip to be used to pay bills.

What if I don’t meet the goal?

A buyout option of $140 is available and will be billed to you if you choose not to participate in the Scrip program. If you do not purchase Scrip, you will owe $140. If you buy some Scrip, but do not reach the profit goal, you will owe whatever is needed to get to $140.

What if I feel my family cannot financially afford to participate in the Scrip program?

If you feel it would be a financial hardship to meet the $140 profit goal, please complete the waiver form and return it to the school office. You will receive a letter from the school principal regarding a possible reduction. The deadline for filing a waiver request is October 15.

Note: You will not be waived from purchasing any Scrip. There will still be a requirement, but it will be reduced if you are approved.


Scrip offers the ultimate flexibility. It only takes minutes a week to think about where you’ll be shopping and spending money in the days ahead, and those few minutes can add up to thousands for you and St. Bernard. Every family is already spending money somewhere, so every month you put it off means missed tuition credits for you. Start putting that money to work for you and your kids.

What do I do if my SCRIP card does not work?

If you have a card that will not scan or you have been told there is no balance left, you must first call the 800 number on the back of the card. Find out if there has been any activity on the card since you purchased it or what is wrong with it. Do not bring the card back to the Scrip coordinators without researching it first. The coordinators can do nothing for you and will not replace the cards until it is fully known what happened. You must deal with the company that issued the card. Almost every time someone thought they had a bad card, it turned out that they had indeed used the card but did not save receipts or a spouse used the card and the other spouse did not know it. Rarely do we get bad cards. Please keep your receipts or use a permanent marker to write your balance on the card. Cards that had activity on them since the time of your purchase will not be replaced.