SCRIP Program Overview 20-21


St. Bernard school families can earn a tuition credit of 45% of the profit earned on their scrip purchases.   45% of the profit earned helps St. Bernard School meet their fundraising requirements and counts toward your 3rd source funding requirement of $550 per school family.  10% of the profit earned covers the operating costs of the program.  You will have the option to waive the tuition credit and designate 90% of the profit earned toward the 3rd source fundraising requirement.  You can also transfer your scrip earnings to another St. Bernard school family.



St. Bernard school families must complete a St. Bernard school family scrip agreement. The scrip agreement indicates how the rebate is distributed and provides contact information. Family scrip purchases are recorded and the credit is paid to GRACE in January and May of each year. GRACE applies the credit to your unpaid tuition balance. 

A new scrip agreement must be completed each school year.  For the 2021-22 school year, credits earned from May 1 to December 31, 2021 are applied to the 2021-22 tuition. Credits earned from January 1 to April 30, 2022 are applied to the 2022-2023 tuition. The form is available on the school website St. Bernard School scrip forms


Yes. Grandparents, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles and friends can purchase scrip and request that the earned profit be transferred to a St. Bernard school family.  They must complete a St. Bernard Scrip special designation scrip agreement.  They do not have to complete a new form each year.  Their designation remains in effect as long as the school family has a current scrip agreement on file and the family attends St. Bernard School.  

The form is available on the school website St. Bernard School scrip forms Completed forms can be emailed to or sent to Scrip Coordinator, St. Bernard Parish SCRIP, 2040 Hillside Lane, Green Bay, WI 54302



Scrip is a fund-raising program.  It’s fundraising while you shop, and you won’t have to sell anything.  Scrip fundraising gift cards are the same gift cards you would normally purchase from a retailer in your local retail stores, and they work the same way.   Scrip is also available as an eGift card for some vendors that allow you to buy and receive your eGift card instantly at your email account.



Using Scrip couldn’t be easier.  Your family purchases gift cards for places you plan to shop, and uses those cards instead of cash or credit.  St. Bernard buys those gift cards at a discount and sells the cards to you for full face value. You redeem the cards for full face value.  The difference is a rebate and is split between the school and your family tuition obligation.  

QuickScrip is the Scrip we keep on hand every day.  The vendors include a variety of vendors.  See the order form for current Quickscrip vendors and denominations at St. Bernard School scrip forms

Special Order Scrip is scrip that is not held in inventory. Special orders are placed with the scrip provider on Monday mornings and are typically available after 11:00 p.m. on that Thursday. There are over 750 vendors available for ordering.  A list of retailers is available at at the bottom of the page under Quicklinks.

eGift cards are not physical scrip cards but are online cards that appear in your Wallet for your online account and in the RaiseRight app.


Ordering options:

Online ordering 

Online ordering is the quickest and easiest method.  You create an account by sending the email address you want to use for scrip to  Once your information is entered into the system you will receive 2 emails from shopwithscrip with directions to set up your account.  You are able to purchase from the ShopWithScrip website or use the RaiseRight mobile app available at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Paper orders

You can complete a paper order form.  The form is available at the parish office, or on the school website St. Bernard School scrip forms or the parish website at the scrip tab St. Bernard Parish scrip link

Paper orders must be submitted to the parish office or at the weekend sales sessions in the church narthex.  

No paper orders may be dropped off or submitted through St. Bernard school or in the student delivery envelope.

Payment Options:  

Online Payments set up through your online scrip account

  1. Automatic withdrawal from your banking account ($.15 charge per order) through the ShopWithScrip program.  
  2. Credit Card payment – Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted.  Please be aware that you will be charged a fee of 2.6%.  Occasionally there are promotions which waive the fee.

By Check or Cash (Checks are preferred over Cash)

If using the paper form attach a check or cash to the paper order. If you ordered online you can print out the order and attach a check or cash.



Delivery options:

  1. Parish office:  Orders can be picked up at the parish office during regular office hours.  The orders must be either placed online or dropped off at the parish office or at the weekend scrip sessions.  
  2.   Weekend scrip sessions:  Quickscrip can be purchased directly at the weekend scrip sales in the church narthex.  Scrip sessions are before and after the 4:00 Saturday Mass and between the 8:00 and 10:00 Sunday Mass.
  3. Student Delivery – available during the school year.  A student delivery permission form will be needed if you want student delivery. Information will be sent to parents at the beginning of the school year when room assignments are known.

Order and pick up schedule

 Order placed and paid for by:       Will be filled and available for pickup after 11:00 a.m.        Filled orders can be picked up anytime during regular parish office hours  or at the weekend  Mass sessions
Monday, 7:00 a.m.       Monday       For quickscrip on the order      
       Thursday       For special order items on the order     
Wednesday, 1:00 p.m.       Thursday       For quickscrip on the order       
       The following Thursday       For special order items on the order    



RaiseRight is ShopWithScrip’s mobile app that allows you to shop gift cards right from your phone. You can narrow your search with categories that fit your everyday shopping. You can easily browse brands offering bonus earnings and add brands you love to your Favorites for faster shopping. You are able to manage your gift cards in one place: your Wallet right on your phone. You can download the RaiseRight app from the App Store or Google Play. You will use the username for your shopwithscrip account to log in to the RaiseRight app.



Physical Gift Cards are the same gift cards you get at the store. Use them instead of cash or a credit card.  

E gift cards allow you to receive your scrip instantly. Place your eGift card order on the RaiseRight mobile app or at When you pay for your eGift cards with online payments (credit card or a linked bank account), you’ll receive the eGift cards immediately. All of your eGift cards automatically appear in your Wallet on the RaiseRight mobile app and on 

You can print eGift cards and present them like a physical gift card in the store or redeem them from the app. Redeem them online by entering the card number and PIN when you’re checking out. You can also send an eGift card as a gift when shopping on You will enter the email you want the escrip to be delivered to along with a message to the recipient.

Reloadable cards 

Some physical gift cards are available for reload. Register an eligible gift card you purchased from ShopWithScrip and add funds to it when the balance is running low. When you pay with online payments (either a credit card or a linked bank account), funds will be added to your card in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For some brands, indicated as Overnight Reload, the funds will be added to your card overnight as long as the order is placed and paid for before 2:30 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday.  To register a card for reload, the card needs to be purchased from ShopWithScrip.

To shop reloadable cards on the RaiseRight mobile app, choose a category, filter by Product Type, and select Reloadable. Add all the reloadable cards you’ve purchased to your Wallet for quick access on-the-go. Add money right from your Wallet, too. It’s the easy way to keep earning with gift cards you already have.

More vendors are becoming available as reloads.  



Scrip Online OrderingGetting started  (5 minutes) 

Scrip Online Ordering Including Egift cards and Reloads (10 min) 

Scrip RaiseRight mobile app (5 minutes) 

Scrip Tracking your Rebates and Order History (4 minutes) 


Find out more about eGift cards and reloads at the site

Instant Access to eGift Cards (

FAQ on eGift Cards 


Reload Funds Quickly and Easily to Your Gift Cards ( 

FAQ on Reloadable Cards 


You can order either Kwik Trip Local or Kwik Trip Reloadable.  Kwik Trip Local is quickscrip and Kwik Trip Reloadable is special order.  Either card can be used at any Kwik Trip.  The local card earns 1% higher rebate (5% vs. 4%)but is not reloadable.  The reloadable card must be ordered as a special order card and any reloads earn the lower rebate.

You can order either Shell Local or Shell National.  Shell Local is quickscrip and Shell National is special order.  The Shell Local card can be used only at Shell stations in Wisconsin and the UP.  The Shell National cards can be used at any Shell nationwide.  The local card earns 10% vs. 1.5% for the national card.  The local card is not reloadable.  

When ordering Shell and KwikTrip online please select the Local option unless you wish to reload the card or use the Shell card outside of Wisconsin or the UP.  Local scrip receives a higher rebate.  Online and in the RaiseRight app the local option is printed with LOCAL in the name and no company logo.  



The rebates may look small but it adds up quickly.  Here is an example of how you can generate net earnings of $30 per month with just everyday purchases.  And add in some Christmas gifts and you easily have generated $350 – $400 per year.

You can also encourage friends and families to purchase scrip and have their earnings credited to your family’s account.  So many opportunities are available to you.


Rebate Earned $ Expenditure Expense Vendor Rebate %
$17 $ 425 Groceries Pick N Save 4%
10 $100 Gas Shell Local 10%
4 $50 Clothes $25 at Kohl’s 4%
$25 at Children’s Place or Lands’ End 12% – 15%
2-3 $80-100 Miscellaneous and Other Household Expenses or Walmart or Target or Fleet Farm 2– 3.5%
$33-34 $655-$675


Benefits coming back to you:

Tuition credit of 45% of rebate earned about $15 

3rd source funding applied to your account about $15


Total benefits to you per month about $30/month

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