Principal’s Letter

St. Bernard School Principal, Crystal Blahnik

SBS End of Year Letter 16-17






Welcome to St. Bernard Catholic School.

We have been blessed by a recent increase in our school enrollment. While SBS has seen as many as 500 students in the past in any given school year, the school has gone through a multi-year decline with 407 students in 2015-2016. From there the school has increased incrementally with this last year seeing a bump from 417 to 463 students. This increase says a lot about our school community, the staff, the parents and the reputation of our school. We look forward to settling in at this enrollment number so that students in our care continue to receive the best learning resources possible.  Thank you to all of our current families for their continued faith and support. As we are fond of saying at all of our gatherings, “St. Bernard, Pray for us!”.

So that you might gain some insight into our school community, please take a look at some of our most recent initiatives:

  • Some of our teachers have done some research into flexible seating and are convinced that it can positively influence the culture of their classrooms.  For an explanation of flexible seating, click here.  To see flexible seating in action at SBS:
  • Project Lead the Way: Launch.  Project Lead the Way or PLTW inspires students to be designers and innovators.   Students become involved in hands on activities in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science.  Students in 1st – 5th grades now participate in this innovative science curriculum.
  • GRACE has expanded the Chromebook initiative to include fourth and fifth graders.  Since we have multi-age third-fourth grade classrooms at St. Bernard School, our third graders are included in the initiative.  All third, fourth, and fifth grade students received their own email account and a Chromebook to use while in school.
  • GRACE has initiated a tablet program for grades k, one and two.  All primary classrooms will receive  Lenovo TAB3 8 tablets at a 2:1 ratio.  This is set to roll out in early December.
  • The SAC is expanding the Recruitment and Retention committee to include Marketing. There will once again be a renewed emphasis on all three areas in the year to come.
  • The Mission and Philosophy statement has been reviewed and rewritten this year to reflect our new logo.
    • St. Bernard Catholic School is rooted in the life and works of Jesus Christ and our patron saint, providing a peaceful, prayerful community while inspiring each student to become a lifelong learner.”
  • Our VEX program is in its third year as a club for 4th-7th grade students.
  • The faith formation of our students is always first and foremost, and this year, we are focusing on the Corporal Works of Mercy. We have a goal to make real world connections for our students that enable them to put their faith into action.
  • Finally, our Recruitment/Retention and Marketing Committee has been working hard for the last three years to share the good news of our school community. Take a look at some of our great marketing videos.

Here at St. Bernard Catholic School, we believe in an innovative, faith-based education with equal access to student services. This approach enables us to provide an academically competitive, compelling and faith-filled environment for all of our students. With St. Bernard of Clarivaux as our guide, we stand together in this motto: PEACE, PRAY, LEARN.

To see specific goals that are in place for this school year, Back to School Night 2017.

Sincerely in Christ,
Mrs. Crystal R. Blahnik,
Principal, St. Bernard Catholic School