Multi-Age Program at SBS

Welcome to Multi-Age Classrooms!

Saint Bernard School has implemented multi-age classrooms since 2009, initially to solve an overcrowding situation, but continues intentionally today! St. Bernard offers multi-age programming in grades 1-4 along side single-age classrooms.

Multi-Age Defined

A multi-age classroom is NOT a split or combined classroom. A multi-age classroom is a unique structure in which children of different ages and abilities are placed together without dividing them or the curriculum into grade designations. Multi-age classes are appropriate for all students, and the classes are balanced, designed with gender, personalities, abilities, and behaviors as with the single-age classrooms.

Multi-Age Objectives

  • Involve students in developing 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, innovation, self-direction, self-discipline, leadership, initiative, teamwork, technology, and collaboration.
  • Immerse students in a flexible learning environment with problem-based learning.
  • Provide child-centered instruction based on standards and learning expectations, yet child-driven.
  • Differentiate instruction to support all students including differentiated questioning, a variety of activities and methods, peer-to-peer learning, technology, scaffolding and support, challenge and enrichment, and open-ended activities.
  • Utilize a variety of assessments to check understanding and growth.
  • Structure classroom management to foster responsibility, respect, and accountability for behaviors in order to promote a Christian, positive learning environment.
  • Develop students that are ready to take on the challenges of the future while being able to work with a diverse group of people.
  • Teachers are mentors, orchestrators, facilitators, and coaches in learning.

Multi-Age Research and Information

Teaching in a multi-age class allows me to use progressive teaching methods, challenges me to be creative in instruction, integrate technology, and help children develop vital skills for their future. More importantly, I am able to see academic and social growth, build a personal relationship with the children and families, and develop a working relationship with the students over a two year period. Each year I count on my olders to make a difference in the classroom and look forward to the new curious youngers! I am infinitely proud to say I am a multi-age teacher and equally proud of the growth my students show!”  

~Mrs. Sarah Pethan Multi-Age Teacher since 2009