Early Education

WE BELIEVE that children learn best through interaction with their environment.  By using a hands-on, play based approach, we ensure that children’s learning is both challenging and child centered. We accomplish this goal by providing meaningful activities and learning centers where children learn through exploration, social interaction with their peers, and play.  It is our goal to prepare children for kindergarten by introducing them to the concepts they will master throughout their primary years in school so they will enjoy their first leaning experience and become life-long learners. Children are given ample opportunities to express themselves, speak in front of a group, and practice social skills.

WE BELIEVE that using a developmental approach to children’s learning provides the best educational experience for each child. Children grow and learn at individual stages and come to us with differing needs, background and experiences. Our teachers understand child development and strive to provide appropriate activities to foster growth and success at each child’s individual level.

WE BELIEVE that parents are partners in their child’s education. We encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom, and we communicate weekly about what we are learning. Opportunities for parents to share their expertise in real-life situations and occupations are provided.

GRACE schools offer 2, 3 & 4 half-day programs at the rate of $15 per half-day and 2, 3 & 5 full-day programs at the rate of $22 per full day. These rates are based on a 38 week school year.

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