Dress Code


2020-2021 School Year

St. Bernard Catholic School does have a dress code in place. Dress Codes help instill a sense of pride and school spirit in school communities. While most dress code pieces can be found at any store including Walmart, Amazon, Old Navy, etc. For the convenience of ordering, finding a good fit with size and style, we have a newly remodeled LandsEnd Store and an account with SchoolBelles where our new plaid can be purchased.  Or can order locally from Valley Apparel.

2020-2021  SAINT-BERNARD-SCHOOL DRESS CODE:  Parent/Student Handbook

Facemasks and/or Faceshields Should be Purchased by the family for the 20-21 School Year. 

Masks/Shields may have designs on them however, NO MONSTER FACES and NO UNCHRISTIAN Messaging. Thanks!



COLOR:  By the 2021-22 School Year, all NAVY pieces will transition to BLACK. To make this easier, our LandsEnd and SchoolBelle Vendors will no longer sell NAVY BLUE. NAVY can be worn however, by all students until the start of the 21-22 School Year.

PLAID: Plaid pieces are now available through our newest vendor, SchoolBelles. This plaid may be worn any day of the week and by any student K-8 beginning in 2019-20.


PK3 and PK4 Students do not wear school uniforms. Classroom teachers will give guidelines for expected dress.

KINDERGARTEN and First Graders 20-21

Kindergarten and Frist Grade students must wear the following to Mass on Fridays:

  • Girls – school plaid jumper or skirt with red polo shirt
  • Boys – black or tan pants with red polo shirt (must have school logo)

2nd – 8th GRADES

  • Shirts – solid red, black or white
  • Pants/Skorts/Jumpers/Skirts – khaki or black
  • Walking Shorts – Middle School Girls Only (khaki or black – at the knee.)

Polo shirts with the embroidered logo are not a mandatory part of the school uniform, but can be purchased at LandsEnd,  SchoolBelles or Valley Apparel.

The School Dress Code can be found in your Parent/Student Handbook, which has been attached in a PDF for your convenience. The uniform code has not changed from the 16/17 school year.  However here are some reminders:

  • Students must wear a red polo on Mass days. This polo can be worn with or without a logo.
  • Students should adhere to the language of the written dress code when it comes to fit and style of their pants/shorts/skirts/capris. Parents should also be familiar with the code in order to help their child follow it.
  • Students and parents should become familiar with the written code, including socks and shoes, to ensure that there is an honest effort being made on the part of the family as a whole to adhere to the dress code.
  • Boots and long socks can be worn, however they must not pose a distraction (glitter, neon colors, tassels, etc.).


  • Dress Code bottoms must be worn along with any T-Shirt Tuesday shirt that has been produced, or any spirit-wear or sport/club shirt promoting SBS.


Any student who is in possession of a NUT CARD (No Uniform Today) may come to school in Free Dress.

  • On these days students are asked to wear shoes they can be active and safe in (closed toe) and a fit and length that is modest.
  • Students may not wear strapless or spaghetti strap shirts.
  • Pants and Jeans should be free from holes or ragged edges/hems.
  • Undergarments may not been seen, and clothing may not advertise any item that is not in keeping with modesty and/or Catholic values (alcohol, etc.).


SchoolBelles (Vendor for plaid pieces as well as all essential uniform pieces.)

SchoolBelles:  School Code = S2903

LandsEnd (Vendor for all essential uniform pieces, dri-fit shirts with or without logos, outerwear, etc. Double your savings by buying LandsEnd SCRIP for your purchase as well as waiting for their summer embroidery sales!)

Lands’ End

Valley Apparel – Local Company

                     Click here to order — Valley Apparel


All basic pieces without the school logo can be purchased from any vendor – Walmart, Kohls, Old Navy, Children’s Place, etc.