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Laura Surman

Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year. I have the welcome letters linked here for easy access. This will let you know about themes we will be covering this year. GRACE has completed the Spanish curriculum as of the 2017/2018 school year. Now, the World Language Team is working on adopting materials K-5 that meet the needs of the curriculum. The Middle School Spanish Classes have adopted a new textbook series however, at this point in the year, we are still awaiting the materials and are thus using supplementary materials that meet the needs of the curriculum.

GRACE World Language Curriculum: CLICK HERE

Welcome Letter and Curriculum Overview from Mrs. Surman: Intro to Spanish classes 18-19 school year (English)  Intro to Spanish classes 18-19 school year (SPANISH)

Spanish Schedule:
6th grade M/W or T/TH 8:35-9:20
7th grade M/W or T/TH 9:20-10:05
8th grade M/W or T/TH 10:05-10:50

5th grade M/W or T/TH 10:50-11:20
4th grade M/W 2:05-2:35 (Room 7)
3/4th grade W/F 11:20-11:50 (Room 10)
3/4th grade T/Th 11:20-11:50 (Room 8)
3rd grade M/W 2:05-2:35 (Room 9)

2nd grade T/TH 12:35-1:05 (Room 4)
1/2 grade M/W 12:35-1:05 (Room 5)
1/2 grade T/TH 1:05-1:35 (Room 6)
1st grade M/W 1:05-1:35 (Room 3)
K W 2:55-3:15 and F 10:40-11:00 (Room 2)
K M/W 1:35-1:55 (Room 1)
4K F 10:20-10:40