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Social Studies

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I've been teaching for over 15 years and St. Bernard has been my home for the last 6! I love walking through the doors everyday, ready to accept a new challenge and make learning engaging, relevant and enjoyable. I watch for the 'light bulb' moments when students understand that learning is more than just one subject at a's cross-curricular and happening when they least expect it. When I'm not teaching I spend time Up North and chasing around our two busy little boys, Carter and Mason, with my husband Brian.
Shannon Kramer

6th Grade Social Studies

In the past week, we only met on Monday and Tuesday before the kiddos went off to camp.  We read articles about Otzi of the Alps and we brainstormed a list of things we wondered about how he lived and what happened to him.  They all came up with really great ideas and I’m excited for them to find the answers to their questions!

7th Grade Social Studies

In the past week we’ve reviewed basic map reading skills and had a quiz on Tuesday.  Overall they did very well.  Next week we will be reviewing more map reading skills.

8th Grade Social Studies

I’m trying to mix things up this year and the kids are doing a great job of bearing with the process.  We are studying early colonization and will be moving into more specific sections, the first being New England Colonies.

Middle School Expectations

6th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

7th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

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