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Physical Education

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Hello! My name is Mike Van Dyke and I am in my 33rd year here at St. Bernard School. Besides teaching Physical Education, I also teach Health to the 8th graders. This class is a high school level class that the students can complete and it gives them their high school credit for Health! Being a PE teacher is my number 1 priority. My philosophy is simply who love to play will grow up to be adults that love to play. I want children to be willing to try new things and I want to teach them how to adapt their abilities to fit into any game/activity. Don't you agree we all need to play a little more in life? I am involved in many other activities: I coach basketball at St. Bernard's. I am a lifeguard and teach special needs swim lessons at CP. I volunteer for a program, at Western Racket and Fitness, called Rock Steady Boxing. This is a fitness program for people suffering from Parkinson's disease. I play bass guitar and sing in the choir/band on Sunday evenings. I love to spend time outdoors and if there is a beach around...I AM IN!
"Mike" Van Dyke