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Room 9

  • 3rd Grade
Throughout my life I have lived in Ohio, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, and Missouri. Since 2009, My family and I have been lucky enough to call Green Bay and the St. Bernard community "home." My husband and I are grateful for the benefits of Catholic education that we see manifested daily in the lives of our five children. I have a background in English Literature, but love teaching math and religion as well.
Julie Lamm

Welcome to Room 9!

Specials Schedule 2019-2020

Monday:  Spanish 10:50-11:20, Art 1:30-2:30

Tuesday: Gym 10:50-11:20

Wednesday: Music 8:45-9:15, Spanish 10:50-11:20, Library 1:30-2:00

Thursday: Gym 10:50-11:20

Friday: Mass 8:45-9:45, GUM Recess 9:45-10:15, Music 2:00-2:30

(Room 9 will host Mass on October 18, 2019 and March 6, 2020)

Field Trip Dates:

Madison April 20, 2020

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