Bears to Cubs

We are so excited about our new program – Bears to Cubs.  Some of our kindergartens need a little boost in phonics and reading.  Our National Junior Honor Society members have signed up to provide that little boost.  Under the direction of our reading interventionists, the NJHS members signed up to work with some kinders during the middle school recess time.  Twice a week, they help the kinders learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet.  The hallways are filled with the sound of “a – apple – /a/,  b – bat – /b/, c – cat – /c/.

Monthly Service Project: Paul’s Pantry

October’s service project is  collection for Paul’s Pantry.  Mrs. Waack’s fourth grade class took a field trip to Paul’s Pantry on World Food Day, October 16th.  They, along with several other schools, celebrated a prayer service with the Bishop and helped with food distribution.

We welcome your donations through the month of October.

Feast of St. Francis – Pet Blessing

Father Mark blessed our pets this morning.   We had dogs, cats, chinchillas, rabbits and even a couple of chickens.  Father Mark offered a special blessing for all the pets in the Humane Society.  Each pet received a bandanna that had been blessed.

Pantene’s Wigs for Kids: Hair Donation Day – Friday, May 10th

This is an event that we have held for almost 20 years.  Girls who choose to get their hair cut donate 10 inches of hair to Pantene’s Wigs for Kids charity.  Boys can choose to pay $10 to get their head shaved.  This money goes to our local chapter of Sting Cancer.

Mrs. Shelly Pelishek, proud SBS parent and hair stylist, donates her time to help make this event successful.   Thank you, Shelly!

Carnival Day: Monday, June 3rd

Another tradition that was started last year – all pre-K-7 students will participate in various carnival games and activities.

More details to follow as we continue to organize.