How is Jesus, our Savior, like a Christmas tree? – Mrs. Waack’s 4th Grade Class

How is Jesus our Savior like a Christmas Tree?
“Every branch on a Christmas tree is like a thorn from Jesus’ crown of thorns. – Lidiya
“They both celebrate with us.” – Jenna
“The star on top of the Christmas tree is like the one in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.” -Julia H.
“The ornaments are like God’s people.” -Sawyer
“They both light up the world.” -Jasmine
“The lights on the Christmas tree is God’s presents.” – Noah
“A tree is ever lasting as God’s love for us is everlasting.” -Kai
“A Christmas tree holds ornaments like Jesus holds us.” – Yasmine
“Just like Jesus a Christmas tree gives us light, and makes us happy.” -Julia