St. Bernard Announces New Mission Statement

Nov. 11th, 2016-  During the earlier part of 2016, a great deal of time working on our new logo. This new image is intended to be a timeless representation of the heart and soul of our school community. In conjunction with this effort, we have been working on a new mission statement. A mission statement is typically a sentence or two that define the nature of the organization and its goals. In education, we like our mission statements to be short enough for kids and community members to remember and recite.

While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the former mission statement, it is no longer a complete reflection of the vibrant school community of today. Please help us gently part with the following mission statement:

Saint Bernard Catholic School is committed to the teaching mission of Jesus.  We seek to provide a faith filled learning environment, challenging each student to grow into new SPACES:  Spiritually, Physically, Academically, Creatively, Emotionally, Socially

With the help of the faculty, staff, and a core group of students and parents, we are pleased to present the newly drafted St. Bernard Catholic School Mission Statement:

St. Bernard Catholic School is rooted in the life and works of Jesus Christ and our patron saint, providing a peaceful, prayerful community while inspiring each student to become a lifelong learner.

Along with this, our tag line which was unveiled with the new logo last January, will also have a prominent place in our school’s identity. That tag line is:

Peace, Pray, Learn

An important piece of the logo, mission and tagline is the roots that our school has in the story of St. Bernard himself as a man faithful to both the Benedictines as well as to the Virgin Mary. The Benedictines followed the Benedictine rule which stated: Peace, Pray, Work. To make this applicable to our modern day Catholic School we changed “work” to “learn”.

Thank you to all of the members of the community who helped us articulate in writing who we are as a school community. We look forward to integrating this beautiful new statement into the everyday life of our school community.