8th graders thoughts about the Eucharist


The 8th graders were asked to discuss/write with a partner what this phrase meant to them

“The Eucharist satisfies our hunger for Christ’s love.”


This is what some of them had to say…

“The Eucharist fulfills me because I talk to Jesus for protection.”
“…the Eucharist is the motivation to believe in Christ’s love.”
“Christ’s love is kind of like a car and the Eucharist is like the fuel. If we are low on Christ’s love, you can simply eat the Eucharist and be relieved by God’s love. Even though Christ’s love never runs out, it is always nice to receive communion to replenish in His glory.”
“Jesus should be the main part of our life and through the Eucharist that is possible.”
“The Eucharist is like the sun and we are like the pine trees and Christ’s love is like the needles. We need the Eucharist to help replenish our souls’ needs, just like how pine trees need the sun to help replenish the needles and sinning is like loosing your needles. (Hopefully not all of them) and you always need the sun to help grow them back. Sometimes our needles fall but Christ’s love is always there for us in the Eucharist.”
“…Us without Jesus is like a baby without its mother. We are lost, lonely, and loveless. If we stray from Jesus its like a baby straying from its mother. When we receive the Eucharist we are receiving his love and reminded of his presence like a child receives a mother’s love. Through Eucharist we are reminded of what we are trying to reach – Jesus in heaven. We are also reminded of his sacrifice.”