My hypothesis is: The 5th grade science fair will be spectacular this year.

After looking at the posters and listening to the explanations of the experiments – my conclusion is that my hypothesis is correct- the 5th grade science fair is spectacular this year.

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School Wide Lenten Project – 2017


This year St Bernard picked GIVE KIDS THE WORLD for our Lent Project.

This organization partners up with Make A Wish to allow children with life threatening illnesses to escape the long days in a hospitals and head to Florida to enjoy time being a kid.
St. Bernard raised $922 during our school mass
St. Bernard families created 400 Wish pillowcases for them as they are traveling long distances to their treatments.
St. Bernard families donated 10  bags worth of toy donations.
The stories from St. Bernard families that have evolved from this project have been rewarding.
A kindergartner donating her birthday presents
A mom sewing pillowcases as her own way of healing during her own cancer treatments
A grandson sewing pillowcases with his grandmother
A little boy folding endless amounts of socks to earn money to donate during mass.
4 St. Bernard families transporting the donations down to Orlando and serving breakfast to the children at the resort over spring break.
It’s a proud feeling to know how this project has grown every year and by giving back we get back so much in return!

First and Second Grade: Special Person’s Day, Friday, March 24th

If you are a special person invited to the celebration on March 24th with first and second graders, here is the schedule:

  • Meet at 8:30 in your special person’s classroom
  • Join us at 8:45 for liturgy
  • Snacks at 9:45 in Bishop Hall
  • Musical presentation by grades 1 and 2 following the snacks
  • Leave at 10:30

Rube Goldberg Project

While the seventh graders were away at Camp U-Nah-Liy-Ya, the sixth and eighth graders constructed a Rube Goldberg machine – a complicated machine to accomplish a simple task.  The task was to drop a plastic bottle into a recycle bin.  Our future engineers were hard at work for two days.  This task requires a large amount of good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness.  Many groups achieved one success and thirty, forty or fifty failures.  The failures made the success sweeter, just listen to the cheers in the background of each video.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6



Open House Success!

Many school families and new families toured our school on Sunday, January 29th.  There were many things to do and see; many people to talk to.

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